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Web Site Design

Accessible & Affordable
Personal & Professional

At Bumpy Pages we appreciate how important accessible web design is for our blind and low vision friends and business associates.┬áThat’s why we will work together with you to ensure that the website we build is perfect for your needs and conveys those special touches that visitors will appreciate. We can design a personal blog site when you wish to express yourself to the world. We can also design a professional site that will reach your specific target audience.

Computer monitor displaying a desktop with icons

What we do at Bumpy Pages

Custom Website Design

We create customized web designs using the web’s most popular design platform, WordPress. Our responsive websites work on computers, mobile devices and tablets. We do this all with screen reader users in mind every step of the way.

Braille Production

At Bumpy Pages Braille products such as business cards, greeting cards, menus, guides and even a book or two is how we got our start about 10 years ago. So if you’re in need of pages with dots and bumps or even larger font sizes we’re here to lend a hand.

Large Print Documents

Whether it’s a website, Braille production or large print documents at Bumpy Pages we always focus on making sure that things are easy to read for our low vision and blind friends. That’s because we share the same visual challenges as you so we know what you need.

Strategy & Planning

Working collaboratively with you, we determine your goals and establish a plan for designing and developing your website. We meet your needs up front and into the future.

Design & Develop

Together we’ll create a responsive and interactive Web presence that functions in a manner that your visitors will find comfortable to navigate. Our websites have a modern feel and perform at the highest levels to promote results and return visits.

Growth Now & In The Future

Once a friend, always a friend. At Bumpy Pages we determine areas for improvement. Through monitoring of content and functionality like high SEO rankings with search engines we strive to keep visitors engaged with your website while attracting even more visitors.

Responsive Web Designs

Accessibility is a key factor

Our web designs are always crafted with the accessibility needs of our blind and low vision friends as a top priority. We take every effort to ensure that our web sites are as navigationally friendly as possible while displaying a modern and impactful look for our fully sighted friends as well.

Tablet and mobile phone displaying same web page
Tablet and mobile phone displaying same web page

SEO & Responsive

We work hard to make sure your website talks nicely with search engines like Google and that your site looks great on whatever device folks like to use.

Braille & Large Print Products

We’re Braille & large print people, just like you. So we have a keen understanding of what works best. Since 2006 Bumpy Pages people have been creating fun and functional products that everyone loves.

Lots of Folks Like Our Work

Diverse group of smiling people posing for a photo
Diverse group of smiling people posing for a photo